Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

This year, the White House Egg Roll isnt the family event its cracked up to be. For the second year in a row, same-sex parents have used the egg roll as a platform for the homosexual agenda. Until 2006, the event was one of few parties in Washington that had not been exploited for political purposes. Now the hundred-year-old tradition has some people walking on egg shells. In part because liberal organizations like Family Pride are planning to have a big presence at the White House. According to one mom, We want to show the public that gay parents are just like everyone else. But thats exactly the problem. Homosexual parents arent like everyone else. The Egg Roll paints a rosy picture, but the reality is, same-sex parents are unequally yolked. Study after study shows that no amount of love or money can compensate for the missing presence of a married mother and father. Its a clever scheme. Homosexuals know that normalizing gay families at the White House puts them one step closer to legitimizing it in everyones house. This Easter, people in Washington should be huntingnot just for eggsbut obviously for the truth.

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