Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Youve heard of the highway patrol, but how about the pill patrol? Its Planned Parenthoods latest campaign to police American neighborhoods. Unfortunately, their goal isnt public safety but safe sex. Since the FDA approved Plan B, the so-called morning-after pill, for over-the-counter use, the abortion giant says its a crime that more women cant access it. So, to intimidate pharmacies into carrying it, Planned Parenthoods organizing undercover squads to investigate which stores areand arentselling the pills. According to a spokesman, Every day in America, women are forced to play the lottery when they... ask for emergency contraception. Publicly, theyre calling the drug pregnancy prevention. But if that were the case, women would take them beforenot aftertheyre intimate. Its as backwards as telling people to buckle their seatbelts after they get where theyre going. The truth is, these pills can actually abort an innocent life. Its just another misconception about contraception that Planned Parenthood is once again promoting.

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