Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Does this sound familiar: You cant eat that! Put that phone down! Drop the bat, it might hurt someone! No, thats not your mother talkingits the local government. Lately, lawmakers have introduced bills that regulate everything from French fries to iPods. Last year, New York City banned trans fats in restaurants, and now its working on policies that would limit the music people listen to in crosswalks and the kind of bats they use to play baseball. In California, leaders tried to make spanking a crime, and thirty-five other states introduced bills to punish drivers for doing everything from putting on make-up to text-messaging. Obviously, the point is to promote health and safetybut it seems a little ironic. The government doesnt mind telling people what they can do with their bodiesbut on issues like abortion, they refuse to interfere. Or what about homosexuality? If leaders really wanted to outlaw dangerous behavior, abortion and sodomy would be the first to go. These states may have the nerve to ban grease, but when it comes actions that clog the moral arteries of our society, few have the willpower to speak the truth.

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