Darth Vader has the stormtroopers. Your local subdivision has the Neighborhood Watch. Heck, even the mall has rent-a-cops. Apparently, Planned Parenthood felt a little left out in its lack of a rapid-deployment force, so the nation's largest abortion provider is now sending out the Pill Patrol. Planned Parenthood intends to unleash its legions upon unsuspecting pharmacies who have not stocked the controversial over-the-counter version of Plan B:

The group is encouraging its supporters to contact pharmacies at Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, or Osco stores - because those four chains have not signed on to Planned Parenthood's policy of guaranteeing women access to emergency contraception - "without discrimination or delay."

Plan B, also known as the "morning after pill," was recently approved for over-the-counter use, despite obvious risks to womens' health. Planned Parenthood apparently plans to use the findings of its Pill Patrol to bully pharmacies into stocking the drug. Ironically, the group claims on its website that the goal of the campaign is "to protect womens health."

And yes, Planned Parenthood is funded with your tax dollars (nearly 273 million dollars, according to their annual report).