For the last few years, NAE's Vice President for Government Affairs has been adding fuel to the fire of the global warming debate and giving the impression that not only NAE but Evangelicals at large agree with the hysteria of the global warming crowd. While there is growing consensus that the earth is warming slightly, there is no consensus that humans are the main cause. Those pushing global warming are proposing a radical agenda as the solution to a problem that is not yet fully understood. In part, this solution calls for population control, which is code for abortions, condom distribution and mass sterilization.

Here is what NAE's Vice President, Rich Cizik, said at the World Bank last year:

"I'd like to take on the population issue...Population is a much more dangerous issue to touch... We need to confront population control and we can-we're not Roman Catholics-but it's too hot to handle now."

After a press report last month that said NAE was in an unprecedented collaboration with scientists to advance policies to address global warming, NAE released a statement saying that only Mr. Cizik was involved in the effort. The confusion in the press is understandable. We've asked NAE to make its positions clear and to ensure their representatives in Washington represent their official position not their own personal priorities.