Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

At the Miss World beauty pageant, God may have already saved the queen. Earlier this month, when the winner of the Miss World beauty pageant, Miss Jamaica, realized she was pregnant out of wedlock, she announced it to contest organizers. According to reports, pageant officials pressured Sara Lawrence to have an abortion, saying that she couldnt keep her crown and a baby. Somehow they rationalized that carrying the child to term would harm the tradition of the pageantyet taking an innocent life would not. Still Lawrence said she would give up her title and face up to her responsibilities. Saying she doesnt believe in abortion, Lawrence said, Its my moral obligation to do whats right. This week, pageant officials decided to let Lawrence keep her throne. But parents are hoping that shell keep her commitment toonot just as a model, but as a role model. Even though shes made some pretty big mistakes, family groups are asking Lawrence to use her testimony to promote abstinence. If she agrees, this pageant queen could make a real difference in the lives of teenagers. And thats the real beauty of it.

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