Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Chances are, your kids aren't carjackers, murderers, or thieves--at least, I hope not. But they could be playing one in their newest PlayStation or Nintendo game. In "Grand Theft Auto," players score points by killing policemen, raping prostitutes, and stealing cars. Another game, "BMX XXX," takes bikers into strip clubs between races. And that's just the beginning. Parents, like Senator Sam Brownback, have had enough. After all, what good is a rating system if it doesn't give families an honest assessment? Last week, Brownback introduced a bill called the Truth in Video Game Rating. It would force reviewers to play the game before rating it -- something the agencies currently don't do. Instead, the FTC watches taped segments that are submitted by the game's producers. And those clips only include portions of the game that would guarantee it the lowest possible rating. Hopefully Senator Brownback will convince Congress that with his bill, families will have a better chance of taking the "X" out of the XBox.

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