What do gay British men do when they want a designer baby? They pay a visit to their Uncle Sam, of course. A shortage of donor eggs and surrogate mothers in the United Kingdom has prompted some infertile gay couples to buy "designer babies" from a Los Angeles clinic:

DOZENS of gay British men have paid about 33,000 to create a baby of their chosen sex on an IVF programme for two-father families.

Nearly 20 male couples from this country have already taken part in the scheme, in which they pay for eggs from a university student which are then implanted in a different woman who bears the child.

The Fertility Institutes, the clinic in Los Angeles which runs the programme, said it had also received 25 inquiries by last week from male couples in Britain thinking of paying for surrogate children.

These $65,000 children come highly customized. Here's clinic director Dr Jeffrey Steinberg:

On our programme, to be an egg donor, it is a requirement that you are between 18 to 27 years old and that you are currently at a university. Couples worry about the family history, and if there is a social marker of stability and achievement it is probably success at a university. University students are not interested in carrying the baby for themselves or anyone else.

The surrogates, on the other hand, are very interested in carrying the baby but, a lot of the time, they are blue-collar and not of the best of the selection [for eggs]. If we separate them we get the best egg donors and the best women to carry the babies, which is the perfect combination.

That's right, it's only the best for British gay dads. It's a good thing that Dr. Steinberg is seeing to it that these "blue collar" types who continually pollute the gene pool are only used to do the "manual labor" of making a baby. Who knows what type of people we would end up with if the proletariat produced any offspring?

Of the myriad of tragedies associated with this program, one is that the children end up with a (white-collar) donor mother and a (blue collar) surrogate mother whom they will likely never know. Two "dads" simply don't measure up to a mom. Add to this the dangers involved with IVF-PGD, and a program that touts the creation of new life can quickly become a recipe for destruction.