Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Remember the old saying haste makes waste? Well, two congressmen have found an exception. If their tax cuts pass, haste may actually prevent waste. Senator Sam Brownback and Representative Lee Terry introduced a bill last week that would help counter the Democrats push to raise taxes. Instead of waiting for liberals to undo the Presidents tax breaks, these two are trying to speed up family tax reliefbefore its gone for good. Under their proposal, the $1,000 child tax credits would become permanent. And the bill would also give stay-at-home parents a break from Uncle Sam. Right now, only families who use day care get a tax deduction. Their policy would level the playing field and give parents a choice to spend more time with their kids without paying for it. But the Parents Tax Relief Act isnt just for moms and dadsits for couples too. Although Democrats are threatening to reinstate the marriage tax penalty, this bill would fully eliminate it. As far as Brownback and Terry are concerned, what God has joined together, let no tax put asunder.

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