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Sex Ed. in the Shop Class?

by Family Research Council

March 6, 2007

In Indianapolis, Indiana, middle school “sex education” has reached an entirely new plateau. What for months remained a jealously guarded secret at Warren Townships Raymond Park Middle School has now been shockingly exposed: Two 6th grade students engaged in sexual intercourse during class under the nose of an oblivious teacher.

At the middle school, so-called shop class afforded the students the opportunity of learning through experience. Apparently books simply arent realistic enough for certain subjects.

The story surfaced when a disturbed local resident tipped off a news channel, writing: …during school hours in a classroom with an experienced teacher present, two sixth graders completed the act of intercourse…at least ten students were witnesses. No disciplinary actions were taken against the teacher… All teachers were told to keep quiet.

According to Warren Township Associate Superintendent Jeff Swensson, the act of classroom intercourse did take place and was subsequently kept hidden one skeleton that needed to stay in the closet. Maybe more interestingly, the Raymond Park Middle School Principal refused to be interviewed concerning the subject, only issuing the following trite statement:

Two students were involved in inappropriate conduct in a lab class last semester. We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate action. The school corporation considers the matter closed and will have no further comment.

We have a serious problem on our hands when the instructors of Americas next generation are sanctioning public educational sexual intercourse. Have our moral sensibilities been desensitized to the point that we no longer assent to even the most basic codes of ethics?

NAE’s Dangerous Emissions on Global Warming

by Tony Perkins

March 6, 2007

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Planned Parenthood is working the phones, all right. As part of the groups desperate push for money, theyve introduced a new service: Planned Parenthood Wireless. This cell phone coverage would donate 10% of the monthly charges to the biggest abortion provider in America. Their email says that proceeds would help give women medically accurate information. But if people believe that, what they need isnt a cell phone service, but a wake up call! Planned Parenthood has always cared more about protecting its profits than protecting women. Maybe thats why the country is more skeptical about giving them money. A Zogby poll found that 68% of voters think that federal funds shouldnt go toward abortionand that includes money funneled to groups like Planned Parenthood. No wonder theyre looking for a better reception from cell phone users. Obviously, they dont get the message that the country has serious concerns about their motives. But as support keeps dropping, Americans will be sayingas the commercial goescan you hear us now?

To download this commentary as an MP3, follow this link. To subscribe to the Washington Watch Daily radio commentary, go here.

Brownback Getting Warm Reception Too

by Family Research Council

March 2, 2007

Sam Brownback now speaking and he is getting a warm reception too. (Though there are no crowds around the monitors in the exhibit hall.)

It turns out that the line to get in the ballroom stretches down around, and around and around all the way down several hallways back to the exhibit hall. It’s incredible.

Brownback began saying he was planning to follow the Yellow Brick Road to the White House… (seems to be losing a little steam as he repeats it.)

Then early he said he wants to be the “The Family President” and work to rebuild the American family.

Later he held up two huge volumes of the IRS code (flash bulbs going off) and said it “deserves to be taken behind the barn and killed with a dull axe.”

Giuliani at CPAC

by Family Research Council

March 2, 2007

He’s speaking now to a standing-room only crowd in the Regency Ballroom here at the Omni-Shoreham. I’m in the exhibit hall where there are at least 3 big-screen televisions with crowds jammed around them watching intently.

He’s getting a rock stars reception.

He started off slow and seemed nervous. And also almost immediately launched into the “What I Learned From Ronald Reagan” schtick.

He’s concluding now … without having said one word about social issues.

Senor, or Senorita? In Spain, it’s the thought that counts

by Jared Bridges

March 2, 2007

When it comes to gender in Spain, anatomy is a gray area:

Spain’s parliament on Thursday passed a law allowing transsexuals to change their name and gender on official documents without needing to undergo surgery first.

Now that sex selection is ultimately up to the individual, rather than anatomy, those who were a little nervous about having the surgery can rest easy. All that’s required for a person to officially change his or her (or is it her or his?) sex is “to present an official medical diagnosis stating a clinically proven case of gender dysfunction and to have undergone appropriate treatment for two years before changes in identity documents can be performed.”

Somebody better double-check Spain’s “women’s” basketball team at the next Olympic games…

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